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Aspira empowers you so opportunities come to you.  We are a community relations, workforce development, and training firm that empowers, engages and educates our clients.  Our role is to understand your organization’s DNA, assess the team’s character, create a vision and strategy, build brand awareness and thought leadership.  Industries we serve include technology, education, nonprofit, Chambers of Commerce, and local government.

Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer


Thanks for visiting Aspira. Growing up I was made fun of my name and accent. I was in ESL classes and on the free and reduced lunch program. My high school counselor discouraged me from applying to UC Berkeley because I didn't have the grades or SAT score to be accepted. I wanted to fit-in, but I was told that I was different. I was told that I was a minority. I tried being part of the majority, but it was the worst time of my life. So I decided to remain a minority. Thanks to the support from family, friends and organizations, my career journey includes business development roles at five startups, co-founding a nonprofit, Chamber President & CEO, Community Partnerships Manager at LinkedIn, and Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer of Aspira.  I have received various prestigious awards recognizing my leadership and community work, including the La Familia Award from the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, the NFL Hispanic Heritage Award from the San Francisco 49ers, and most recently the Community Heroes Award from Assemblymember Kansen Chu.  Along my journey, I have made mistakes and learned valuable life lessons.  In 2015, I founded Aspira with one mission: To empower you so opportunities come to you.


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