Community Relations

"Family isn't only your blood relatives.  Our community is our family." - Oscar Garcia

Whether it is working at the C-level or street-level, we have the unique ability to work across various segments of an organization and with the private sector, nonprofit and local government to create win-win partnerships.  Services include:  Develop strategy and programs to represent your organization favorably in the community and encourage employee participation, Build and nourish relationships across sectors, grassroots organizing, event planning and marketing.

Screw the Less Fortunate

We are emerging from one of the worst economic recessions in our country’s history. Industries like automotive, housing, manufacturing and high tech are once again experiencing growth. Areas like Silicon Valley, Austin, Chicago and Seattle are booming. Unfortunately, for our current recovery, the adage that “a rising tide raises all ships” isn’t true. We are experiencing a socioeconomic chasm that threatens to undermine one of our country’s core beliefs – that America is the land of opportunity.