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No Cookie Cutter or boring talks

A dog with a note in his mouth can teach you the basics. But there is only one O.G. (Oscar Garcia) that empowers you so opportunities come to you. I’ve empowered over 6,500 students, professionals and business owners across three countries to take control of their professional journey. Before presenting to your group, it is important that I understand your audience, company culture and objectives. I will then customize the presentation to meet the needs of your group.

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I Am a Minority
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LinkedIn for Job Seekers (click image)

LinkedIn for Job Seekers (click image)

Relationship First, Business Second (click image)

Relationship First, Business Second (click image)

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transitioning careers: how to make the leap
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What Others Are Saying


“Your presentation had the right touch of humor, lots of information and insights about relationship building, networking, and LinkedIn, and personal stories that resonated with the audience.”

— Ron V.
“Oscar’s presentation was a great impetus to be mindful of building and maintaining relationships, give as well as receiving and effectively using LinkedIn in uncovering our next job opportunity. You can see that he walks the talk and leaves not doubt about the sincerity of his message.”

— Ed K.
“I almost didn’t come to your presentation because I thought it was going to be another “How to” LinkedIn workshop. Instead I came to a motivational talk and I learned new tips to help me with my LinkedIn profile.”

— Braven@SJSU Student
”I have revamped my LinkedIn profile based off the presentation you made. I can already tell you that it has paid off.”

— Salvador O.
“You are warm, interesting and highly informative. I’m glad to learn some new tips!”

— Sue C.
“One of the things I enjoyed the most was your vulnerability, you really connected with everyone there in the room.”

— Alexander Q.
“Thank you very much for a wonderful workshop. It was a perfect mix of ‘big picture’ overview, role-modeling, practical tips, and next steps. You gave the students a productive way to start thinking about their futures.”

— Susie M.